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CLM can work with your PLANS


* DEVELOP PLANS - CLM is experienced working with architects and engineers on blueprints, developed custom homes from standard plans, and can incorporate your vision into the finishing details.


* REVIEW PLANS - CLM will go over with you each part of your project to ensure we know what you need, what you expect, and understand your specifications.  CLM can follow up and fulfil your expectations.


* SCHEDULE PLAN - CLM will calculate timing needed to complete your project and is an experienced general contractor capable of coordinating the schedule with the various the trades. Your schedule is important to CLM and will be a priority to keep you informed of the progress.


* RENOVATE - CLM will renovate and/or restore your exsiting structure with the same exacting attention to detail as a new build. You can veiw a few of our many collaborative renovation projects by clicking here.



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