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* YOUR DREAM IS A STARTING POINT - CLM has had clients bring in magazines, plans, sketches, photos, and scrapbooks of ideas that started the vision of their dream project they have been thinking about for years.  CLM can help develop these into rough sketches.


* YOUR BUILDING SITE -  If you have your land, CLM will visit your building site to help visualize the project for the best size and placement, and discuss important placement of well, septic, and driveway, as needed.


* YOUR BUDGET - CLM will start with ballpark budgeting to ensure your dream is reachable within your own reality.  Whether you plan to build this year, start in phases over several years, or save for the future. CLM can work with you at your pace.  


* Call us for an appointment....we look forward to hearing your story, helping you find the right path to take your dream project to the next step.



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